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edit release date bug still in 4.0.33 (DB 469)

I took the pain on me and upgraded FB in order to get rid of this annoying bug when editing releases. It was told to me that the bug (date allways shows 010170 when editing releases with valid dates) is gone with latest version but it isnt!

Another issue while upgrading was that even when chosing suse as target OS, the upgrade process copied a into my extension dir, but its not working with this version, i had to copy the redhat version of the file and it was ok. I only knew that because i compared file sizes from my old installation .so.

The whole upgrade process is ugly at best. I wonder if anybody else in the FB community works with releases, because with the current bug, its totally annoying editing them and you have to edit each and every release because at some time, you dont want to be bugs assignable to releases.
Marc Logemann Send private email
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Wow. It seems one wont get any support, even not when reporting bugs of a current release. Joels Blogs seems better than the real life....
Marc Logemann Send private email
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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