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Date field troubles

Date fields do not work properly neither in IE nor FireFox (Due date field in New case form) . Entering any first day of the year (eg 1.1.2006) automaticly converts into an earlier year (1.1.2006 -> 1.1.2005). I tracked down the problem.

Problem is in javascript function getUTCFullYear which returns 2004 for 1.1.2005 when being in GMT+1 time zone (important!). Date quessing does not work correct with 1.1. dates nor cal.getPrintableDate() function like following line:

sDate = sDate.replace(/yyyy/, this.dt.getUTCFullYear());

Is it a known problem?
Miha Nahtigal Send private email
Saturday, December 17, 2005
I ran into this problem tonight as well (our server is in a GMT+10 timezone).
Andrew Davey Send private email
Monday, December 19, 2005

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