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Feature request for release notes

We recognise that not every case should have a release note.  However, we also see the utility of having FogBugz automatically generate Release notes, and would like to eliminate some potential for human error in this process.

Sometimes, cases are resolved that should ideally have release notes, but they don't get entered (the person forgets, doesn't know what to put in right then, whatever).  We'd therefore like two things:

a) If a resolved case has a release note attached, we'd like to see a little visual cue next to such cases in the list and grid views.

b) A way of marking a resolved case as not requiring a release note.  The idea being that when the case is resolved, the resolver toggles the flag if the case doesn't require a note.

The combination of the two above will help our release process, in that we can quickly filter the list to see all cases that currently lack a note, _and_ have not been marked as needing a note - we could then quickly run down this list, adding notes, and then have FogBugz generate the finished list.  As opposed to having FogBugz generate the list, and then manually checking it, where the risk is that the checker doesn't know all that went into the release.
Peter Mounce Send private email
Friday, December 16, 2005
Whoops.  Sorry.  I feel silly.
Peter Mounce Send private email
Friday, December 16, 2005

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