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Embedding links to other cases in case histories

TSVN has that feature where it scans the log message as you type it with a regex (or optionally, two regexes, for more complicated matches), to pick out and highlight the issues that the commit relates to.  It's the bugtraq:logregex property - we currently use


(on two separate lines as per the spec) to make this happen as we type.  (We haven't made it match FogBugz: yet, we've cribbed it from elsewhere).

We'd like, if possible and feasible, for this to happen in FogBugz history edits, too - if the user types (say) "Case #n" in the editbox, we'd like that to show up in the history as a link to case n (preferably set to open in a new window). 

We'd prefer if we had the ability to specify the regex used to parse the history of the case (so we could make it consistent with the syntax we use in TSVN logs), but wouldn't see that as essential by any means if the functionality is there.
Peter Mounce Send private email
Thursday, December 15, 2005
We'd also like it to be possible to do the same thing, but refer to our WebSVN - for example, typing "Implemented in r282" would make r282 link to (say) the log page in WebSVN for revision 282.

We realise that we get this already with the WebSVN/bugtraq/FogBugz integration, but at the moment, it's all at the top of the case history, not attached to individual case-events.  If that behaviour changes, we wouldn't think this feature necessary, but as FogBugz/WebSVN integration behaves now, this would be helpful.
Peter Mounce Send private email
Thursday, December 15, 2005

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