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Screen Capture Oddities

I'm not sure if this is really a bug on your end or not, but it's worth pointing out in case other people come across this.

(Using Visual Studio 2003 btw.)
If you try to take a screenshot of a form that has
the MyForm.TransparencyKey set to anything, the screenshot tool behaves strangely. 

"Current Window" screenshots of the form will take a capture of whatever is behind the form (the dimensions of the screenshot are correct however).
"Entire Screen" screenshots have the form missing.

So while the form might look fine in normal operation, the screenshot tool treats it as fully transparent. Print screen captures work fine and show the form with no issues.

It's easy to reproduce. Start a new windows project, click  on the default form and set the TransparencyKey to anything you wish and then run it. Then try a screen shot.

Quite odd.

(great software though!)
Bill Send private email
Friday, December 9, 2005

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