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Handle emailed case like a BugzScout case?

I'm working on getting BugzScout integrated into our product. In order for us to use BugzScout, we absolutely must have an attachment sent from BugzScout and put into the resulting case. This isn't a feature of FogBugz (yet).

In the meantime, we would be pretty happy using email instead of HTTP (giving up the response back from FogBugz to the user), if the emailed case would be handled the same as a BugzScout case (using the description to find an already open case and honoring the "Scout Will" field).

I plan on implementing this stop-gap myself, but I was hoping for some input so I can figure out how difficult this will be (should I just wait until BugzScout can send an attachment?). How hard is it going to be for me to modify the email checking code so that it will recognize a BugzScout email (probably with a key in the subject) and then somehow handle the case entry like scoutSubmit.asp?
Sherman Uitzetter Send private email
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
I also am close to implementing an email to BugzScout style case convertor, if this was an option on 'Mailboxes' it would be great. The response message (Scout message) would ideally be sent back via email rather than via HTML/XML as with the HTTP version.

Also attachments support would be great for email + http submitted bugzscout cases.

These are both features I am currently considering implementing myself.
Simon Barratt Send private email
Wednesday, December 7, 2005
I've just now got a first-stab, rough implementation of this working.

CDispatcho.asp has the email retreiving/handling stuff. Specifically, the EnterIntoFogBugz() routine takes a passed email message and creates/re-opens/edits/etc. a case based on the email.

What I did was add another routine to CDispatcho.asp, which I called EnterScoutEmailIntoFogBugz. Then I added a check to the beginning of EnterIntoFogBugz() which looks for a specific string at the start of the email's subject. If there's a match, it hands the email off to EnterScoutEmailIntoFogBugz() which then enters the case in the same way that scoutSubmit.asp would. Or, at least, that's the goal.
Sherman Uitzetter Send private email
Wednesday, December 7, 2005

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