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Bug/Quirk of the system: why email me when I edit the case?

When I edit a case in FB (I tend to always refer to Fogbugz as FB, as actually the name is pretty annoying... sorry :)), it still emails me immediately after with a link to the case I have just edited.

A minor point, but it is quite annoying, if I am editing a bunch of cases, I end up with a load of email that I really do not need... after all, I made the edits myself in the first place.

It would seem very simple to add the intelligence to only send emails when a case that is assigned to you is edited by someone else... only then would you actually want to have an email.

Also... when I edit a case assigned to someone else, I might want a couple of people to know about the edit... would be cool to have an "Also notify" list, maybe a tick list of users with permission on the project, tick them off and they get the email notification too.
Mike Llewellyn Send private email
Friday, December 2, 2005
I agree!  That's why FogBugz doesn't email you when you make a change to your own case.

Some possible reasons why your copy is:

1. You've made a code change to fogbugz to email all changes to you
2. You have multiple user accounts with different email addresses (which are all aliases for your account) and then you log in as one and are changing a case assigned to the other.
3. A bug in FogBugz
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Friday, December 2, 2005
Another case when you might get an email is if you're subscribed to an issue. This is a case where FogBugz will send you an email, even if you're the one that entered the information.

This might be a good area to refine in a future version -- when I subscribe to a case, I want to be notified when other people have changed it -- most of the time, I know when I've changed it myself and don't need a notification.
Ken Send private email
Friday, December 2, 2005

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