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Feature: setting end date for vacations

I was just setting up vacations for the next two years, and I was frustrated that, if I set the start date for the vacation, the UI didn't assume that the end date was later than the start.

For example: I want to set Thanksgiving Break for 2010.  Steps:

* Click "Create new Holiday" to add the holiday
* Enter "Thanksgiving Break" (which is 11/25/2010 to 11/26/2010)
* Enter the beginning date (11/25/2010).
* Click on the calendar to enter the end date.

Expected: The calendar opens with November 2010.
Observed: The calendar defaults to the current month, and the user has to scroll through 23 months to get to November 2010.

Note that the calendar does the right thing if a date has already been entered *for that field*.

I'm using the latest Firefox on the Mac.
Bob Petersen Send private email
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Thanks!  I'm going to repro this and file a bug today.  Doesn't sound like great user experience....
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Monday, December 22, 2008

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