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Lost Wiki Data


I just ran into a case where I lost some data when trying to edit an entry in a FogBugz wiki.  Here are the steps I took:

1. I logged into the site.  While logging in, I didn't click on the "Remember Me" option.

2. I created a new wiki entry and typed away at it for a while, then I saved it.

3. I left the page open for a while, then typed away at the entry some more.

4. I went to save the page a second time, and got a message saying I was not logged in.  A link was provided in the message, which I clicked on, and which opened a new tab in my web browser (Firefox 3.0.4) with a Login window.

5. In the login page, I logged in.  The "Remember Me" box was checked this time.

6. I switched back to the original tab, and clicked on the save button.  A dialog came up asking about what changed, and gave me the option to Save, Save and View, or Cancel.  I chose the Save and View option.

7. The original version of the page, the one I saved the first time around, came up.  The changes I had made since then were not shown.  A link was provided to restore a draft, which I did.

8. Some outdated data came up, which included most of my changes since the 1st save, but not all.

I've since been able to rewrite the rest of the entry, however it was a bit annoying to lose it.

To note, the wiki is a hosted one on, which I think is using the latest version of FogBugz.  The version shown in the About page is, "Version 6.1.41H (DB 632, GEN 161, Build 274)".
David Ludwig Send private email
Monday, December 15, 2008
Sorry for the trouble!  I'm not sure that logging on in another tab would be something we can even allow for.  Is it possible that the changes that were restored were everything up to when the system logged you off?
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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