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Again on e-mail notifications: some missing features

Hi, since you're working on more powerful and flexible e-mail notifications on FB7, I think I should describe the local patches we had to apply to make it suit our desired behaviour, so that you can evaluate integration within FogBugz.

1) We want to monitor all the FogBugz traffic for each project by sending e-mails to an e-mail address (a mailing list). This is a common setup in open source projects for instance: there's a mailing list where the traffic of the bug tracker is posted and archived. We hacked this by adding the mailing list as community user, and then patching FogBugz source code so that that specific user is added as watcher to every new bug opened within a certain project. Maybe you want to abstract this into a list of "super-watches" that automatically watch a whole project.

2) Most people don't want to be bothered with meta-data changes of bugs. They just want to be able to read comments added to bugs. In our case, "most people" = "everyone". We patched FogBugz not to send e-mail notifications if the edit doesn't contain a comment written by the uers. This is a simple rule to understand, so users can explicitly decide whether to send an e-mail (by writing a comment) or just do a "silent" meta-data change. For instance, when we retarget 1000 bugs at once, we don't want to send 1000 useless e-mails; we just batch-change the milestone without adding comments, and then, if necessary, send one e-mail to the development team saying "hey, I just adjusted the milestone for those 1000 bugs we don't need to fix now".

I hope these features get integrated in FB7.
Giovanni Bajo Send private email
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Thanks!  I think these will both be doable in one form or another.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, December 12, 2008

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