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While a case is being worked on, the Status field is set to "Active" and cannot be changed. Once the case is resolved, the Status field can be set to a number of predefined resolutions, and the case is assigned to the originator.

We would like to have a Status between "Active" and "Resolved", something like "Review" and "Integrate". In our workflow, we would implement a change then put it into "Review" where a code review of the necessary changes is performed. After the code reivew, it would enter an "Integrate" state where it is checked into our source code repository and waiting for a releasable build. When a build is released, we take all the cases in "Integrate" and move them to "Resolved ...".

Is this possible with some custom back end coding? Or maybe this is a feature request for a future release of FogBugz?

John Bertagnolli Send private email
Friday, October 10, 2008
We're definitely adding more flexibility into future versions.  I'll make sure that we incorporate this kind of workflow into our collection of use cases!
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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