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Using API for automated ticket generation


I am working on integrating our application with Fogbugz for automatic crash reporting. When an application crash occurs, we want the user to have the option to report it, and if they do it will create a bug report, provide them the ticket # and URL to view it, and send them an email.

ScoutBugz seems far too primitive to use for this, so this was fully implemented using the API.

This is using on OnDemand account v6.1.36H.

I've got this mostly working, but there are a few things I can't make work:

1) When I create a ticket through the API, sTicket is not populated, and it does appear to be possible to populate this field through the API. Consequently, it is possible to email the user, but they cannot view the status of their case online.

2) For the application posting to the API, it looks like I need to have a valid user account assigned to the API user; which right now means I'm using one of the 2 free users for this 'API' user in our application, and I assume means I would need to pay the per-user rate for this API code?

3) If you try to edit a field, such as sTicket, and it doesn't actually update it, the API returns success. Based on the documentation, I would expect it to return error code 6: "Edit problem - the action you are trying to perform on this case is not permitted"

4  As noted by many other users in the forums, it would be very nice to be able to give a user a URL to all their tickets, instead of one specific ticket.
Geoff Hart Send private email
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
So, the sTicket value is only generated for incoming emails, not for outgoing emails originated by FogBugz.  This is a bug and we're fixing it going forward.  It's thornier than it seems.

You can use your own user account for the API.  The token you are given, presuming you're using remember me, is valid until that user logs out.  You can also look into using BugzScout if you're looking to originate a lot of cases.

The ticket url does give links to all the customers' cases., currently.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Thursday, October 23, 2008

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