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What is the best approach without dependencies

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating FB and I must admit that I am very impressed.  I do lack the possibility of dependencies however but at the same time I do understand the reasoning behind it.

Let me explain what my situation is.

We have several teams developing several applications and dll's in our company.  In some cases it happens that my team can not fix a bug or implement a feature as long as another bug/feature is fixed/implemented in one of those dll's.  We currently use bugzilla's dependency feature for this which works great for this situation.

I wonder what the advice is for our situation.  Ideally I would like to be able to see in a report where my team is stuck because another team has not finished it's job yet.

Thanks in advance,


Saturday, October 4, 2008
A tough one.  If it's a true dependency, then the only real way to do it is to put the original bug in a future release.  There are trade-offs, of course, to the freedom of FogBugz.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Monday, October 6, 2008

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