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External users lose track of submission if it is closed as dupe


Here is the issue: External users lose track of their submission if it is closed out as a duplicate.


QA Tech enters bug 150. It is on track to be looked at over the next week or two.

Joe User emails in a bug. Joe gets an email linking him to his bug report. It is reviewed, and closed out as a duplicate of bug 150.

When Joe hits his url, he sees his bug 'closed as duplicate' but has no way of seeing the linked bug (the one QA entered). So Joe loses visibility into his bug, since he has no visibility into 150.

I am not sure what the real solution would be here. 150 may have some info on it that is just for internal consumption (some tech detail or such), that we would not want Joe to have access to.

Is this just a 'fact of life' or ?

Woofster Send private email
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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