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Email spacing problem (4.0)

I have been using FogBugz version 4.0 for a few days and everything works perfectly when bugs are entered directly into the ASP page.  However, bugs that are submitted via email using Outlook with "Rich Text" selected for the email format have spacing issues.  When I view the bug in FogBugz, I'm seeing several blank lines before the first line of text in the email.  Also, every time there is a blank line in the original email, it is expanded to anywhere from 2 to 5 blank lines in the bug database.

The email server is an Exchange 2000 server and we are using POP3 to pull the emails out of Exchange.  Any bugs submitted via email with "Plain Text" formatting are displayed perfectly.  While this is certainly not a show-stopper, any ideas on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated.
Alex Morris Send private email
Thursday, March 17, 2005

It has to do with the fuzzy logic used to turn a RFT or HTML only mail into plain text.

Basically </p> and <br /> tags should be considered newlines, but it turns out there are odd cases where actual CRLF chars whould be too (like in a pre statement).  I experimented with this a bunch and although there ends up being a lot of whitespace, the format it is in now covers all the weird mailers formats and errs on the side of too much spacing.

Hope that explains it! I gladly welcome any suggestions you might have...
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Thursday, March 17, 2005
With my extremely limited knowledge of the RTF format, I have no suggestions.  I just couldn't find a reference to this issue in any documentation and was hoping that it was something simple.  However, I like erring on the side of too much white space instead of too little white space, so this will be fine.

Thank you for the quick reply!
Alex Morris Send private email
Thursday, March 17, 2005

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