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Escalation reports per user

It's nice that the escalation report is sent out each day, but it would be better if it included only the cases assigned to that person that were due each day.

I understand that if you assign a case to someone that don't have the escalation report enabled, you might miss a deadline on that case, but in this case we have several project members that have 1 or 2 cases on their own list and they get an email listing all the 100 or so other cases in the project. In short, the escalation report is useless for them because they have to go in and check their own list via web anyway.

Please consider this an option, to filter the escalation report down to the person that gets it.
Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen Send private email
Monday, March 14, 2005
Added as a feature request... thanks!
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Monday, March 14, 2005

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