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FogBugz error in event log

Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is:
The user is FogBugz/MARS, SID=S-1-5-21-1390067357-1450960922-725345543-1004.

In the registry, that GUID is listed as:
Machine Debug Manager
ProgId: MDM.AD1.1

For some reason unknown to me my W2KP box is rebooting every few hours. The DCOM errors happen within a minute or so of a reboot. The only errors FogBugz mentions are problems accessing the POP3 server, and those times don't like up with any other errors in the event log, so it's probably unrelated.

I have the minidump files from the reboot, but can't find much useful in them. I don't know that the reboots are related to FogBugz in any way.
Troy King Send private email
Sunday, March 13, 2005
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Sunday, March 13, 2005
Thanks, Michael, I'll look into it. My earlier search didn't find that thread. I appreciate your help.
Troy King Send private email
Monday, March 14, 2005
It was over on the beta forum, so that's probably why it was under the radar.
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Monday, March 14, 2005

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