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error upgrading to 4.0.11

luckily, i created a copy of our FB 3.1.9 database and site to test the upgrade on.

the upgrade fails with the following message:
Full-text catalog 'FogBUGZCatalog' has been lost. Use sp_fulltext_catalog to rebuild and to repopulate this full-text catalog.

SQL: exec sp_fulltext_table ?, 'create', 'FogBUGZCatalog', ?

Params: SS

1: Bug

2: BugPrimaryKey

and then the "restore from failed upgrade" doesn't restore the registry entries properly, leaving the site in an unusable state. a delte/reapply of the old registry keys fixes this part.

i placed a call into fogcreek for support on 3/2, but nobody returned my call.
John Morales Send private email
Tuesday, March 8, 2005
Hi John,

I received your phone message that day. I couldn't quite make out the number that you left in your message. I called 2 permutations of what I believe the number was, one of them was valid but there was no answer and no voice mail.

So I called the only number we have on file for you, for Kelly at the Jacksonville office, who ordered FogBugz. I left a message with her describing the situation and asking that she pass on my message to you. I also called the only phone number on your company website, but they say you do not work at that office and did not give me a way to reach you, but passed me to Kelly's voice mail again. 

Please take a look at this guide and see if it helps:

If you have questions please send an email to us at or call us at 866-364-2733.

Dmitri Kalmar Send private email
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
When you attached the copy of the database, the fulltext catalog was not recreated; this happens with MSSQL and was not something we considered as a possible upgrade problem. It is now noted. You can use Enterprise Manager to manually create the catalog, or run "exec sp_fulltext_catalog 'FogBUGZCatalog', 'create'" against the attached db copy.
Brett Kiefer Send private email
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Thank you for your attempts to call me back. ;o) I'm apologize that I wasn't clear on the message.

The KB entry you pointed me to is for a 4.0.11 installation.  However, the installation application attempts to roll back the installation to the 3.1.9 version.  This rollback is successful except for the registry entries.  I have to delete/reapply the 3.1.9 registry keys to make the non-upgraded version workable again.

I tried the steps in the KB article anyways and the results were the same as before; same error, same failed rollback.

I am doing a full restore from backup to a new test database.  The fulltext catalog is restored properly along with the rest of the database.  Searches executed from withing FogBugz return proper results.  Executing your "exec sp_fulltext_catalog 'FogBUGZCatalog', 'create'" statement results in: "A full-text catalog named 'FogBUGZCatalog' already exists in this database."

As far as I can tell, this is as close to a default installation of FogBugz that can be implemented.  The fulltext search options in SQL Server were installed and working before FogBugz was installed and after installation of 3.1.9, the search features worked flawlessly.  There were no other changes to the installation after that.

Is there a way to force the installer to not rollback after an error?  We might be able to get some more information from the failed installation, or perhaps even repair it.

I appreciate your help in hunting this down.
John Morales Send private email
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Or, would it be possible to install a new instance of 4.0.11 and then import the existing data from the 3.1.9 instance?
John Morales Send private email
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Sure, you could get 4.0.11 working then switch out the FogBugz DB --  we do that frequently in testing; you'll just get a message on the first page load with a link that will cause the database to be upgraded.
Brett Kiefer Send private email
Thursday, March 10, 2005
Thanks, Brett,

I will give that a shot when all of my production issues have calmed down.  ;o)

I'll let you know how it goes.
John Morales Send private email
Thursday, March 10, 2005
Brett, Dmitri,

I did these steps:
- ran a standalone installation of 4.0.11
- changed the registry key to point to my old database
- hit the new homepage, ran the manual upgrade and received the error
- ran the sp "sp_fulltext_catalog 'FogBUGZCatalog', 'Rebuild'"
- hit the homepage again, the manual upgrade worked this time

Thanks for your help!
John Morales Send private email
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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