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Restricting ability to set up user accounts

Is there any way to prevent anyone but the admins creating new user accounts?
John Tatlock
Tuesday, March 8, 2005
Look on the admin's 'site' setup page - that has an option to control this.
Tuesday, March 8, 2005
Can't find that... I'm using the version 3 trial right now, is this something that's only in 4? Or am I being particularly dense today?
John Tatlock
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
I don't know - you might be dense everyday...  :-)

I can't remember if this was in 3 or not I'm afraid, sorry. Hopefully someone from FC will answer that one.
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
It's on the Site page and the option is called

New User Control

You want to set it so only admins can create new accounts.

The problem is, on the trial, there is no Site page because everyone is using the same FogBugz, so trial users cannot modify these settings.  Sorry for the confusion.

Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Ah, thank you. This is fine, we are buying the full thing in next week. It really has improved work flow on the projects we've trialled it on immeasurably.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

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