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Assigning a client to a bug

Ok, I've seen this asked in other questions, and I've emailed support about it, but I am trying to find out, in clear terms, if it is possible to assign a client to a bug.

In our case we have (hold on, let me check)...1284 "clients" or at the very minimum 283 (which are the companies they roll up into). Assigning a seperate project for each one doesn't work, because one client could be across more than one project.

We don't need the ability to filter clients by a project, we just need a list of the clients to show up on the bug entry page, have that client be attached to that bug, and be able to filter on it.

I did mention that we could do it ourselves once we got the product in-house, and if we do we'll share that back with the FogBUGZ team, but I was hoping that there was a good way to do this that wouldn't require it (because I've looked at the FogBugz source before and, while clean, I just don't have the time to muck around with it right now).

Cory Foy Send private email
Monday, March 7, 2005
In this case, it sounds like you might be using Client a bit differently than we intended.  Our scenario was for a client that would actually log into FogBugz, but it seems you just need a way to group each case to a specific client.  You can do this by using one of the custom fields and naming it "Client".  Then you just type in the name of the client, and you're all set.  You can filter on those custom fields also...
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Monday, March 7, 2005
but because that field is free form text entry, typos, and synonyms for clients are going to fail.
eric pearl
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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