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Permissions on Accessories folder

Mmmm. Don't know why that happened. FogBUGZ wouldn't open the databaes so I got the error message about editing the registry key for the connection string (which was fine) and the bit about not having permission/open exclusively by another user.

It's an Access file. I couldn't see an ldb. So I looked at the file permissions on the actual mdb, and couldn't see the FogBUGZ user there. So I looked at the parent folder, Accessories. FogBUGZ did have permission, so I did the propogate thing. (I mean with the permissions, not the human race, I've already propogated quite enough there).

That seems to have fixed it. But 2 questions:

1. Why would the permissions have got lost?

2. Does it matter if I've been too generous with permissions on that folder? Who actually needs permission, and to what.

Oh yes, I think I compacted the mdb yesterday. But why would that have an effect?
Jo Davis
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Compacting an MDB creates a new MDB and then copies all the data from the old MDB to the new MDB, then deletes the old MDB, then renames the new MDB.

When it creates the new MDB, the new MDB by default has the permissions of the folder it's in, and the owner set to whatever account you were running as when you did the compact.
Joel Spolsky Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
A-ha. Of coures. And I thought I knew Access. Yup, compacting it now breaks it and I have to do a 'replace permissions on child objects'.

This is a single machine install, but just out of interest, and for future reference, who needs permissions on that folder, or on the parent FB folder?
Jo Davis
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
I'm pretty sure as long as the FogBugz account has full permission on the Accessories folder, everything will be fine. Some of the stuff in Accessories is just random files that we ship in case people need them, that we don't want to be accidentally "served" by IIS so they are not in the Website directory.
Joel Spolsky Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

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