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Customer Portal, self service, or tracking feature?

Is there an option in FB to allow customers to login to a web portal that would allow them to see all of their issues by status, and perhaps show data pertinent to them.  Is the wiki capable of this, or is all status tracking done via email?

We have several customer bases that for reasons of security we need to keep seperate.

I do like the idea of email tracking, but I'd also like to have the webportal there for when they want to look at their support history all in one place.  Thanks.

Stephen Blount
Support Manager
@hand Corp
Stephen Blount Send private email
Friday, September 21, 2007
All customer tracking is currently done via email.  If you turn on automatic email replies as described at you can have FogBugz send a "ticketURL" which not only gives them the status of that case, but of all other cases sent from that email address.  It's not quite a web portal, but it can at least offer the overview that you suggest.

Alternatively, if you want your customers to have a more complete picture of what's happening with their cases, you can make them licensed FogBugz users, and offer them read-only access to their cases.  You can separate your different clients using FogBugz permissions, as described at

Let us know if either of those options suit your needs.
Eric Nehrlich Send private email
Monday, September 24, 2007

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