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Add Interval in Edit Timesheet dialogue

I am using Fogbugz on Demand.

Story: I left for an errand and forgot to clock out. A couple hours after resuming work I realized that I should correct my timesheet to reflect the empty interval.

Current behavior: When I click "Working on" --> "Edit Timesheet" --> "Add Interval" and in the "Case" field enter "nothing", and click "OK", it returns "Invalid case: nothing".

Desired behavior: When I enter "nothing" and click "OK" it should accept my entry as if it were a case number, and return the usual "The changes you have made to the timesheet create overlapping time intervals. FogBugz will automatically resolve the conflict." If I then click "Cancel" there should be no effect, but if I click "Save" the End time of the preceding Case and the Start time of the subsequent Case should be adjusted to make room for my "nothing" interval.

Note: I realize that I could spend twice as many interactions to accomplish this, but I shouldn't have to, and I'm unable to think of a downside or conflict in the desired behavior. Can you?
Richard Nutley Send private email
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Hi Richard,

Rather than entering an empty interval, can you click "Edit" on the existing interval and adjust the time frame to whatever accurately reflects the time you were really working?

Let me know if this will achieve what you're looking to do.

Rob Sobers Send private email
Friday, June 25, 2010

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