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Burn-down chart, improvement suggestions and workarounds

I've searched for, but not seen much coverage of this on the support forum. There's a related post here:

I've been using the burn down charts with my team to great effect, we're running sprints using them, as closely to SCRUM as we've got within our team. However there's a some gotchas we've come across which are putting off other teams in our organisation from using them, so they are pasting FogBugz data into Excel and generating their own graphs from that!

There is a "messy preamble" covering the period of time when cases are assigned into a milestone, but before the start of the milestone. If this occurred over a long period of time then you can end up with a very ugly and less useful graph.

Our team don't care about and don't want any visual graph prior to the start date.

 - Don't create milestones ahead of your sprint, but just in time at sprint planning, and assign your cases to the milestone over a very short period of time during sprint planning.
 - Create a temporary "staging area" milestone or use tags to identify the cases to go into the next sprint. Then once you've finalised the next sprint, create the new milestone and batch assing the new cases into it. remove the old tags and/or delete the staging area project

Feature requests:
 - There is a green vertical line on the burn down chart indicating the milestone end date. Request addition of a similar vertical line indicating the start date. That way those who have a use for the preamble can keep it.
 - Do not display any visual graph coverage from before the start date. (You might need to make it optional to satisfy other customers.)
Jon Harvey
Monday, June 14, 2010
Thanks for the feedback. Good points. I'm taking this right to the program manager.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Thursday, June 17, 2010

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