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Managing Testing Process - SaaS Edition

We a SaaS vendor and we have both "platform" changes that require releases and "process" changes that do not require a release.  So my question is how do people manage the QA process in FogBugz?

So a bug is opened, resolved by development, then what?  How do you track where the bug was tested and then released.  So for example, development fixes bugs in the development environment.  When fixed, the bug is released to the QA environment. 

A QA person, then tests in QA, and it passes.  How do we keep track of the bug and where it is?  The next phase for us is to move the bug into User Acceptance.  After the customer blesses the fix, it then move into production.  We can have various bugs in all different phases, some in QA that haven't been migrated to UA, things in UA that haven't been moved to production, etc.

Milestone just haven't worked for us to keep track of things because things move at their own speed.  Anyone else have this issue?
Ross Rankin Send private email
Saturday, May 29, 2010
You might tap into a bigger community at

You can use the workflow plug-in to manage some of the workflow, but it's intentionally simple.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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