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Bug in anchor links?

I just finished resolving a case, and realized that the anchor links in a case no longer work.  When I resolved the case I was redirected to:

This seems as though it should be taking me down to bug event  number 106855, which is the event associated with me resolving the case.  Unfortunately, that anchor doesn't exists.  Instead, these anchors do:


I'm guessing the anchors got changed but it got missed in the redirects.

On a side-note, when are we going to get a FogBugz StackExchange?  I really like the one for Kiln, so if there is a voting process internally at FogCreek, vote one from me.  =-]
Jack M. Send private email
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
The anchors in the links aren't for navigation, but just to change the link color.  This way if somebody edits the case after your last visit, it will revert to the unvisited blue color.  There are no corresponding anchors on purpose (if you want to see the latest event first, there's a user setting for that).  If you really do want to link to a specific event, you can grab the link from the timestamp just above each event which is anchored.

As for StackExchange, have you been to or are you asking about something else?
Ted Unangst Send private email
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I thought on the redirects it had previously worked?  Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought after an edit it took you to the bottom.  It was mostly a curiosity. 

As for the StackExchange, I hadn't gone digging for it and figured the link from the Help menu would update once it was available.  Thanks for the link.
Jack M. Send private email
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Ah, I didn't even know there was a link to the forums in the Help menu. :)  We're still working out which forum will be the long term winner, feel free to use either.
Ted Unangst Send private email
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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