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Default mailbox being included on CC

Good day,

I'm using FogBugz On Demand (Version 7.3.0H (DB 743, GEN 696, Build 1827) and have noticed over the last few days that email replies are automatically including my Help Desk email as a carbon copy recipient. I know this is recent as email generally gets sent to Help Desk only and replies in the past only included the sender. I've been manually removing them which is a bit of a pain and finally decided to leave it in.

I have my local mail server (Exchange 2003) delivering all mail in the Help Desk mailbox out to my FogBugz account as well as keep a local copy. In this case allowing the help desk recipient generated a delivery notice as I don't allow relaying for my FogBugz account.

I don't see any way to disable this automatic inclusion. I'd like an option to revert to the previous behaviour if possible.
Ken Rachynski Send private email
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
FogBugz's Reply feature is actually Reply All.  This is by design as we think that makes the most sense for a bug tracker.  To avoid CC'ing itself, FogBugz excludes its own mailbox address and any aliases configured on the mailbox page.

7.3 fixed a bug where we accidentally were not generally CC'ing the original To recipient.  So now suddenly lots of people are getting CC'd.  The fix is easy, though.  Go into your mailbox config page and add any email addresses that forward to the mailbox to the list of aliases.

For example, if your mailbox is support@company, but you also have help@company forward to that mailbox, add help@company to the Aliases section.

Hopefully this explains how and why things changed, and how you can fix things.
Ted Unangst Send private email
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Okay, that makes sense.

Now my problem is this: I'm using FogBugz On Demand (as originally mentioned) and Aliases are not available when configuring the default mailbox.  I seem to recall that as an On Demand customer, I'm limited to just the one mailbox.  So now I appear to be stuck without any options at all.
Ken Rachynski Send private email
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Actually there seems to be a bug here as well:

If you have capital letters in the email address then it will send a CC to an all lowercase version of the email address.  We have been able to address it by adding all lowercase version of the email to the "Aliases" list, however I do hope this issue is fixed in future version.

For example, using the account email address "" will cause a CC to be sent to "".
Jeremy Jung Send private email
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Ken, you should be able to add new mailboxes to On Demand, but you are right that you can't add aliases now.  That's an oversight on our part we will be fixing soon.

Jeremy, yes, that's a bug that we just fixed as well and will release soon.

Thanks for bearing with us as we sort through some of the consequences of these changes.
Ted Unangst Send private email
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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