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Search for in filters not working.

If we use the search for tool in a filter we get very few results and the following message:

Search results may be incomplete!
The FogBugz search index is not up to date. Results may be slow or incomplete. Once the index is up to date, changes may take up to five minutes before they are searchable.

I set the Fogbugz searcher to reset last night and this morning this is what it indicates.

Search Information:    
Index Progress    0%
Total Indexed    8
Total Unindexed    3345
 Indexed Wiki Pages    0
 Unindexed Wiki Pages    0
 Indexed Discussion Topics    0
 Unindexed Discussion Topics    0
 Indexed Cases    8
 Unindexed Cases    3345
Index Size    7 Kb (7848 Bytes)
Files    1
We are using SQL server 2005 on a windows server 2003R2 platform.  I am not completely sure if full text searching is enabled and do not know hoe to check this, the SQL query analyzer no longer seems to be available in SQL 2005.
Chris Clarke-Williams Send private email
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
We don't make use of the database's search index. If they are on, you can switch full-text indexes off.

Please check that your FogBugz Maintenance Service is running.

If it is, stop if temporarily and load heartbeat.asp in your FogBugz.

If it comes back with anything but a + or -, let us know.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Then restart your maintenance service.

If that search number doesn't progress steadily, there's another problem happening.  Contact us at
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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