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Filter problem in 7.0.34

I previously created 2 extra fields (FB 5.x) and had written about a sort issue when filtering on 1 of them.  Rich Armstrong said it would be fixed in FB 7.  We installed 7.0 on a separate network for testing, so I tried to recreate the filter and had another issue.  In my extra field (once again  the one created in FB 5, not with the new plugin), I have the value "AVCT Validation Oct '09".  There are approximately 60 bugs with this value.  In FB 6, when I filter on "AVCT" in that field it returns all 60 issues.  In 7.0.34, it returns 7.  Whether I typed the entire value or "AV" or "AVC", etc. it always returns the same 7 issues.  Once again, this all works in FB 6.
Finally, I tried to put the same text in a newly created (with Plugin) field on 12 records in FB 7.  The filter failed to find all the matches unless I typed the entire string. 
I tried wild cards to see if was only finding exact matches (though FB 6 worked without them).
Chris Bates Send private email
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Hi Chris,

You can just respond to the email I sent you and it'll re-open the case. Happy to look into this this afternoon.

Rich Armstrong Send private email
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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