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WIKI messes up formatting, looses lines, moves lines around


I also logged a support case for this but have not yet received a confirmation

I am a on-deamand customer.

I have a reoccuring problem with wiki where a large wiki, especilly one with a lot of indentation gets all messed up and there is nothing I can do to fix it.

Upon saving the wiki, some lines get moved around, sometimes an entire line dissapers. Pargraphs are indented more etc.

I am afraid of loosing everything in the wiki. Each time I save it, something gets messsed up.

I tried creating a new wiki, copy and pasted the old one but the same thing therefore it is probably the actualy html markup that is messed up and the editor cannot interpret it well.

What can I do to fix this? any chance of perhaps stripping all formatting ?
Greg Balajewicz Send private email
Friday, October 16, 2009
I'd be inetrested in in feedback from other folks on this. Is this just an on-demand problem, are people with local installations quite happy?

Sotty for the questions but I am just launching an effort related to implementing a Fogbugz based Wiki.
Keith Thomas Send private email
Friday, October 16, 2009
Hi Greg-
This sounds really frustrating. I'm sorry. Could you tell us what browser you're using, and what kind of indentation you mean (is it outline-style, indented-bullets, tabs, spaces)? I want to try and repro.
Brett Kiefer Send private email
Friday, October 16, 2009
I also had this problem several times.

If you want to reproduce it, maybe use several ways of making bulletpointlists and indent them. Copy stuff from Word, from Eclipse and Visual Studio into it.
Editing the bullet points with Chrome, Firefox and Internt Explorer in turns also helps.

At one point all my embedded headlines always go messed up.

I lost lots of editings and had to go back to an older version, copy it into Microsoft Expression, clean up all the variants of
<li>, <ul> and <p> that were randomly intermixed.

Now it works, but I'm more careful not to do anything dangerous.

I wished I could jsut simply edit the html. That would be so much easier and hassle-free instead of a nice editor that is like a time bomb!

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Hello Brett,

This is Greg Balajewicz (sorry, for some reason i canot login or recover my password...)

Anyway, yes, if you want to reproduce this, you can just see my wiki this this problem

I can give you a temp login if you cannot access it internally.

You can edit this wiki or do what ever you want with it since it is just for testing - i wanted to see if copy and paste into a brand new wiki helps.

The text marked in brown is the problem area. i can point you to exact location if you have trouble finding it.
greg balajewicz Send private email
Monday, October 19, 2009
We have this issue in many many ways. 

For us, with Mac OS and Safari, we have had many problems, and have worked with tech support to get the most out of the wiki that we can back in the Pre-FB 7 days.  These problems still exist.  Actually they are much easier to reproduce now with FB7. 

Example 1:  Bulleted lines cannot be copied and pasted without losing their format.  Often the act of copying and pasting permanently damages the document, getting extra lines added each time you save the document.  Even converting all the text to code (unformatting it) and coming back does not take the problem away.

For us, bulleted lines seem to behave better than non-bulleted because at least we can observe what the actual format is after the copy and paste.

Example 2:  As a Project Manager, I use the wiki for meeting notes and status.  When someone in the meeting emails me their status, or sends it by IM, I lose many cycles correcting the format after I paste it into the wiki.  Sometimes, each line refuses to be formatted, no matter what I do.  Ultimately I wind up retyping.  Even then certain areas of the document refuse to format consistently and the document is permanently corrupted.  Same thing happens when we use the wiki for MRD or Functional Spec. 

I am unwilling to replace the entire wiki because everyone has already linked to it, and having all the team link to a new wiki would diminish our company adoption of Fogbugz. 

Example 3:  FB 7 at last supports text wrap inside table cells that were copied from a filter grid view and pasted into the wiki.  (YAY!)  However, in pasting the title + description field,the bug title comes after the description.  Also, still no way to resize tables once they are in the wiki.  You have to resize before you copy. We have not tried the Balsalmic plug-in yet. 

See also:

Safari is the only browser on Mac that will let us copy and paste grid tables directly into the Mail application, so we're keeping that browser for Fogbugz. 

Overall, you may get different performance on different browsers and platforms.  It's a lot for Fog Creek to manage as those versions are always changing.  But, if the wiki permanent corrpution defect was fixed, we could use it the wiki like it was intended to be used. 

Thom Franklin Send private email
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Okay, let me try to digest this discussion so that we can focus the bugs we open. What we're seeing are loss of formatting (and in some cases the ability to edit formatting) and spurious blank line additions or deletions in the Wiki.

We're seeing this in particular where:
1. Content was pasted into the wiki from another app
2. WebKit (Safari, Chrome) is involved
3. Multiple different browsers were used to edit the same page (and in the case we're citing, one of these browsers is WebKit-based, so that's interesting considering case 2)

Is that a reasonable summary?

I have reproduced some of these issues in Chrome.

Brett Kiefer Send private email
Friday, October 23, 2009
Your summary works for me.  Be sure to test on multiple browsers and platforms. 

Thom Franklin Send private email
Friday, October 23, 2009

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