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Missing Wiki Feature - Quick Save

I really like that the Wiki is included with FogBugz but I feel like it's missing once core feature.  You should be able to Save work without submitting it.  You should be able to save your progress inside of FogBugz to a "Draft" like change that won't be recorded in the stack of changes.  The current "Save" feature deters people from actually working inside of FogBugz.  I don't want my employee's to feel like they should be working in Word or a text doc before submitting it to the Wiki.  But I also don't want them to never save in the Wiki because they don't want people to have a versioned history of all their saves.
Hays Clark Send private email
Sunday, October 11, 2009
We have draft saving capability and a double Ctrl+Enter performs a fast save without touching the mouse.  I'm not sure I see the potential benefit of adding something in between these two.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Monday, October 12, 2009

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