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Email with large attachments get stuck

An email was sent to FogBugz with a 4 MB attachment.  The email got "stuck" in the email server's inbox.  The FogBugz application reported an error:  "A message is stuck in mailbox xxxx on server Use Outlook Express or any other email client to clear this message so FogBugz can continue.

I logged into the pop email box and forwarded the message to my email address.  Then I deleted the email from the pop inbox and no longer received the "email stuck" message. 

My max attachment size in FogBugz is set to 10000K, which is the same size for attachments on our pop server.  Why would the email get stuck in the pop server's inbox?  Is there some database or FogBugz setting I need to update to have large email attachments imported?

Using the FB application, I was able to create a new case and upload the same 4 MB attachment without any issue.  Only the email import is having trouble with large attachments.

I am using FogBugz 7.0.32 on SQL Server 2000.

Thank you,
Joe Fortun Send private email
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Are you having trouble with any other attachments?  Can you try reforwarding the email from your mail account back into FogBugz and seeing if it gets stuck again?
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am able to send smaller attachments without issue.  I attempted to send the stuck email and attachment from my email address and it got stuck again.  After clearing the stuck email, I tried a similar sized file and it too got stuck.

Is there a parameter to set on SQL 2000 that is similar to max packet allowed on MySQL?

Joe Fortun Send private email
Thursday, October 8, 2009

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