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Great use for tags to organize testing

I just wanted to say that the tags feature has turned out to be a real bonus for us.

We sometimes send larger projects to QA with 20, 40, or more cases which need to be tested.  The titles make sense to the programmers in terms of what is related, but not to the testers.  I've watched a tester look at one case history, then another, and another, trying to organize his approach to testing so as to be efficient.  The more cases there are to test, the more difficult this is to do.

When FB 7 came out, I started adding tags to cases which were ready for testing.  In addition to tags indicating cases that are related by feature, I also tag cases which have special setup requirements, or which require extensive testing beyond what is explicitly described, or which should be really simple to test.  My goal is to have no more than 5-6 cases, 8 at most, with the same set of testing tags.

Although I haven't formally measured it, the rate at which cases are verified seems to have improved.  In particular, the easy cases get verified more promptly.
Charlotte M Send private email
Friday, September 25, 2009

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